No matter what you’re celebrating, you want your guests to walk away with fond memories. For a unique, exciting experience people will remember for years to come, consider throwing a casino party in Cleveland, OH. These events offer all the thrills of a night in Las Vegas with none of the financial risks.

No real gambling happens at a casino-themed party – but everything else is the real deal. An experienced entertainment company will bring in the same professional-grade game tables and equipment you see at actual casinos. Whether you want your guests playing Texas Hold-Em at a tournament-size table, spinning the roulette wheel, or trying their luck on slot machines, you can get it. The party planners will even help you determine how many games you can comfortably fit into your venue based on its size and your guest list.

However, what makes a casino party an authentic, unforgettable experience isn’t just the equipment – it’s the people too. Every great casino has a talented team running the games and ensuring all the guests have a good time; your party shouldn’t be any different. Make sure to ask your party planners about who will be facilitating your event while you and the rest of your guests have fun.