PCI Entertainment COVID-19 Sanitation & Preparedness Planning


• Sanitizing all equipment prior to loading.

• Cleaning and using hospital-grade germicide on game accessories

• Providing brand-new playing cards each event for all card games.

• Providing sanitizer stations to events, along with masks, gloves, wipes and sprays.


• Perform contact-less check-in for staff members.

• Requiring our staff to wear masks and requesting that the clients do so as well.

• Perform touchless thermal scan of all staff members.

• Doing pre-event checklist of health-related questions:

1. Have you traveled outside of the country?

2. Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19?

3. Are you exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, including:

     – Fever, chills, or cough

     – Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

     – Muscle or body aches

     – Headache

     – Nausea

     – Vomiting

     – Fatigue

     – Sore throat

     – Congestion or runny nose

     – Fatigue

     – New loss of taste or smell

     – Diarrhea


We use hospital-grade germicidal spray on all interior truck surfaces in between drivers.


We strongly suggest all guests wear masks, and will insist on it in geographic areas where required by law or health department requirement.

Our staff will endeavor to maintain social distancing as dictated by health department requirements.

We understand not all of these promote the atmosphere of fun and entertainment we’re used to, but in light of the current health crisis, including these precautions allows us to produce events that might not have even been possible several months ago. We look forward to working with you to make the best of a difficult situation, and to provide the necessary protection to you, your guests, and out staff as well. Please let us know if you have additional questions or requirements.