The Sights & Sounds for Your Special Event

Music plays a really important role in setting the mood of a special event. Hearing the right combination of songs back-to-back encourages people to dance, mingle, and have a better time than they would without that perfect soundtrack encouraging them. Is your special event going to have that perfect collection of songs playing throughout the entire event? It will if you are working with PCI Entertainment Inc.

We provide both the DJ services as well as the VJ services you need to complement your special event. Our disc jockeys and video jockeys are trained to create the right atmosphere to go along with the theme of your party. They also make sure they include requested songs, genres, and themes you might want played throughout the night. Your venue will be filled with dancing and merriment when you work with our party planning specialists.

Creating the Mood of Your Special Event

No party or special event is complete without the right mood and it is music that sets the tone of a night like nothing else. Pump up the pace and the volume and set the tempo for your party’s success with the help of our DJ and VJ services. We have a huge collection of songs and videos for you to choose from to help you make sure your night is a complete success.

Are you creating a themed event? Then you are going to need music and videos that match your theme to complete immerse your guests in the experience you are creating for them. Speak to our disc jockeys and video jockeys about customizing your playlist to perfectly fit the mood you are trying to create for your special event.

Everything Your Special Event Needs

Making it easier for you to create memorable parties and special events is what our business is all about. Our personal party planner is ready to help you decide the best approach for all of your VJ and DJ service needs. Our turnkey DJ and VJ services include:

  • Customized Playlists
  • A/V & Computer Equipment
  • Stage & Theatrical Lighting
  • Professional & Experienced DJs & VJs

Contact us to learn more about how our DJ and VJ services can help you create the right mood for your special event. Our disc jockey and video jockey are available to clients throughout the communities of Northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Indiana, including the cities of Cleveland and Detroit.

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