We’re a real, full-time business – you can reach out and touch us.

We’re always amazed at the number of competitors who don’t publish where they’re located. Or those that work off an answering machine Why is that? Will they really be there when you need them? Or is this a sideline business for them – for “beer money”.

PCI Entertainment has been in existence for 31 years, and at the same address for the last 26. You can find our address on our “Contact Us” page. We answer the phone when you call (during business hours); no recording – no answering service – a live person who can immediately help you with your event. You will normally receive an email response to your inquiry within the an hour or two. In short – We take your business seriously.

Our staff are all employees – not independent contractors – why is this important?

In the casino party business this is a very big deal. Amongst many things, this lets us provide training to them and direct them in the way we expect them to perform. We withhold income taxes from them and remit them to IRS, so at the end of the year IRS isn’t knocking on your door because a dealer at your party didn’t pay their income tax. In short, it protects you, the client. As required, they are all covered by workman’s comp coverage, so in the unlikely case someone is injured at your event, they’re covered.

What you see is what you get

Unlike many others, all of the photos you see on this site are of our own equipment. No stock photos – No photos clipped from casino websites – No Google Images. We want you to know what exactly what you can expect when we arrive to set up for your party. If you’d like to inspect our equipment in-person close-up before your event, we’re happy to have you come in and do just that. Just please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.

Ratings, awards, and recommendations

We maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a wall full of thank-you and recommendation letters. A list of references is also available. We have won multiple national awards for our products and services, including a “lifetime achievement” award from the NACPO – the National Association of Casino Party Operators – one of only two that they have awarded in their entire 25-year history.

Having trouble visualizing what your casino event layout will look like?

Sample Floor Plan

Sample Floor Plan

We have tools to help with that. We use state-of-the-art floorplanning software as needed to create a digital diagram to-scale of your venue with all of the equipment in place. From there, its easy to add, delete, and move things around as needed to make your event space perfectly tailored for your event.

Insurance coverage for your protection

We maintain comprehensive insurance coverage on all aspects of our business for your protection, and are happy to provide our customers with a copy of our coverage on request.

Geographic area we cover

While our primary coverage area is northern Ohio and cities such as Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Toledo, and Columbus, we also travel to central and southern Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton areas), and the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana (Pittsburgh, Detroit, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis).

Beyond that, we have produced events in California, Las Vegas, Houston, Memphis both directly and through a network of connections with other high-quality interactive entertainment and casino party companies throughout the country. We have experience in handling your event in multiple cities should that be required.