Exciting Authentic Casino Theme Parties in Cleveland, OH

We host exciting casino themed parties in Cleveland, OH! Casino parties are our most popular product and after all, and who doesn’t love Las Vegas? While playing in a real casino is certainly exciting and the energy level can be electric, playing casino games for fun in an incredibly realistic casino-like setting can be just as exciting, and with the added benefit of not risking any real money! Casino parties have the added benefit of easily scaling in size – we’ve done parties for 20, parties for 1,600, and anything in-between.

Exceptional quality and variety of games

We feature all the classic casino games (Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Money Wheels, Slots, Baccarat, Keno, etc.) together with many of the newer-generation current favorites (Texas Hold-em, many poker-derived blackjack-style games), and even casino versions of old-time kids games such as Rock-Paper-Scissors and Go Fish. If you’ve seen it in a casino, we probably have it in our inventory; 28 different types of games at last count.

When considering a casino party supplier, be sure to carefully check out the equipment of each vendor; there is a very wide range of gear out there – roulette on a 9-foot table with a casino-size wheel is a very different experience than roulette a five-foot table with plastic toy wheel. Same with all of the games. You’ll commonly hear “professional equipment” – sadly often that’s simply not true.

Our games are all casino-size; 12-foot craps tables, 30” roulette wheels, full 96” Hold-em tables (although we do have some special smaller-scale home-party tables if you’re looking to move Las Vegas into your living room), and professional-grade. We’ve recently completed a migration to new high-quality custom digitally-printed layouts direct from those who supply the casino industry. Most tables feature upholstered armrails, and state-of-the-art signage usually only found in real casinos. Our passion for professionalism even extends to our accessories; our chips are casino-grade genuine clay chips, and we use fresh new decks of cards for each event, so your guests are assured of a sanitary gaming experience.

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Everything is consistent as well – all blackjack tables have the same layouts and upholstery color, same with all of our other tables. The tables themselves are all consistent in size, shape, and appointments; we’re not fans of the “little of this and little of that” approach. Your event should have neat, clean, organized appearance, and we work hard to make that happen.

Our equipment is top-notch, but our people make the event

We staff our games with experienced, well-trained, and friendly dealers who are more than happy to help your guests learn an unfamiliar game. In some cases, they’re current or ex-casino dealers who enjoy working the more relaxed party atmosphere. Everyone (even our pros) has been through PCI’s own training program, so they understand what we (and you) expect from them and also so they provide your guests with a consistent experience from game to game. And be assured that each of our event supervisors has done literally hundreds of parties before we trust them with yours. They’ve seen it all and have the experience to competently handle just about anything.

Need to raise the bar even further?

We have a range of unique Las Vegas-themed props to increase the Vegas glitz factor even more. Real showgirls in full costume and celebrity impersonators – yes, indeed. How about Keno? We have a full casino Keno system available – straight, split, and way tickets are all available (yes – we speak keno!). How about a custom-made casino background soundtrack to make your party venue sound just like a casino (a casino party industry first).

Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments . . .

Many of our casino games can be adapted to tournament play for special events or promotions. Our Texas Hold-em poker tournaments can be produced complete with an experienced tournament director and managed using specialized tournament software with a video projector and screen to keep everyone informed as the tournament progresses. We can produce Blackjack and Craps tournaments as well.

We even have real slot machines equipped with the same tournament software the casinos use (to our knowledge we’re the only casino party company anywhere to have this – another PCI first) to produce polished and professional slot tournaments with the same level of energy and excitement. Tournaments make great mini features to include as part of your casino party.

As real as it gets

Each game we offer normally offers all the variations and payouts found in a real casino – we don’t make up our own rules because its easier on the dealers. On the craps table, all bets (with or against the shooter) are paid with true odds. Pass-line odds are 2x. Want to bet a “$5 Horn High Yo” or “Three-Way Craps”? – no problem. Blackjack pays 3-2 (when betting limits permit) and Insurance is available. Same with all the games. There are little changes we can make to increase your guests’ winnings and excitement (our party planners will work with you to make sure we’re all on the same page at your event).