We’re thrilled to announce that PCI Entertainment, Inc. has been chosen to receive the prestigious Excellence in Event Entertainment award for 2017 from Corporate LiveWire. Each year, Corporate LiveWire selects nominees from around the world for its INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE awards. PCI Entertainment is one of only a small handful of entertainment companies in the United States chosen to be recognized for its high standards and production values. We’re truly honored to be selected and to be in the company of many other fine companies not only from here in the United States, but around the world. Our interactive casino parties, video horse race events, and game shows continue to thrill audiences everywhere, and we’re constantly upgrading and adding to our entertainment offerings to keep things fresh and new.

We must also acknowledge our awesome party staff, who work hard at each event to make sure each and every guest has a great time, and at the same time ensure that each client’s unique goals and objectives are met smoothly and effectively. Without them and their friendly, professional attitude, we could not accomplish what we do.

Thank you Corporate LiveWire for this great honor.