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Hyperledger Conference

If you are interested in blockchain, a Hyperledger conference is the perfect place to start learning about this increasingly utilized technology. The Global Blockchain Summit brings together thought leaders in this cutting-edge technology.

From Actor Systems to Blockchain

Ten years ago, decentralization existed in one-off projects built on tools such as Akka. Creating secure ledger systems in this type of technology was unheard of.

Cryptocurrencies changed everything. From the first release, this novel monetary format brought security through decentralization.

Technology does not evolve in a vacuum. The Global Blockchain Summit seeks to examine the evolution of blockchain including use in the creation of Hyperledger.

What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger is an initiative sponsored by organizations such as the Linux Foundation. This decentralized platform seeks to act as an open-sourced ledger framework for building robust industry-specific applications capable of supporting business transactions. Security is achieved through distribution and verification.

The initiative currently consists of ten projects and over 3.6 million lines of code. Companies ranging from Intel to IBM continue to offer support. As of 2018, there were over 278 sponsors.

How can the blockchain concept be used to build a Hyperledger?

Building the Hyperledger is not a simple feat. Each node must rely on others to verify information. Only then is information considered accurate. In theory, any change is noticed and appropriate action taken to avoid a significant breach.

Securing a Hyperledger

As with any mature technology, security of the Hyperledger is increasingly important. Blockchain is not considered impregnable. Spoofing and mimicry can easily defeat the packet system when all or even some of the nodes are known.

The experts at the Global Blockchain Conference seek to examine this pressing issue. As hackers continue to find ways into unsecure systems, it is critical that developers learn and share their experience defending Hyperledgers from assault.

What can a Hyperledger be used for?

Secure ledgers are useful in a variety of applications. While blockchain-based applications traditionally were used for currency exchange, there are many uses for a decentralized database-backed framework.

Verification of credentials and critical information stands out amidst control of information in mission-critical systems and other cases where multiple sources may present important data. The uses of a Hyperledger system are limitless. When corruption in one part of a system results in the failure of an entire program, this technology is especially useful.

The Global Blockchain Conference seeks to expand your definition of what a Hyperledger can do. Just because a technology solves a specific problem does not mean that the solution cannot apply elsewhere.

Learn more at the Hyperledger Conference in Denver

If you are new to the Hyperledger ecosystem, seeking to learn more, or looking to share your knowledge, we are pulling together thought leaders in Denver for a major blockchain conference in October 2019.

Do you have an idea on how to stop an attack with responsive AI? Do you want to help contribute to a growing project? Come to Westminster, Colorado on October 3 and 4, 2019. Visit our website to find out more.



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