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How To Build Your Relationship After Meeting On A New York Dating Site

There are several New York dating sites where people get to meet. Although virtually all New York dating sites do a good job in bringing people together, no site really does anything about making them remain together for long.

So, it is quite easy to hook up with someone on any New York dating site but it is very difficult to maintain a long lasting relationship. However, as a lady, there are a few tips on how to keep a man for a very long time.

Find out what you need in a relationship

First of all, you need to find out what you want in a relationship before going into one. This is important as it will shape your choice of man. Do you just want to date a guy because all your friends are in a relationship? Do you just need company for some time? Or do you want a longtime relationship that will probably lead to marriage?

This article focuses on the third option because keeping a man for a long time is one of the most difficult feats to achieve. So, the following tips will help you keep a man.

Cheating is not enough reason to breakup

It is only okay for you to break up with a guy if you have caught him cheating up to three times. Then, you will be sure that he can’t change. But if you catch him cheating once and you dump him, you will just push him into the arms of the other lady. So, learn to forgive him if he is truly sorry

Be transparent

When a lady is too conscious about her privacy, it means she is hiding something. Why else will a lady bar her boyfriend from checking her phone if not because she is seeing someone else? How many ladies can comfortably say their boyfriend has full access to their phone? Your friends can check your phone but your fiancé can’t, how does that sound?

The problem with this is that once you begin to bar your boyfriend from your phone, you are laying a foundation of distrust. Even if your boyfriend pretends that he is not bothered about it, he is.

Why would you walk far away from him to receive a call? You will later come and tell him stories about the call. You think he believes you? He isn’t that dumb. You will definitely become one in a million if you neither bar him from touching your phone nor ever walk away from him to receive a call.

Be tolerant

You don’t have to complain about every issue. Learn to let some trivial issues slide. You are not perfect so you should not expect your boyfriend to perfect. Nagging drains energy and it spoils the mood.

Accept him with his friends

A lot of ladies prefer to compete over their boyfriend’s attention with his friends. He has been rolling with them before he met you, so it is not possible for him to just cut them off completely. It has to be gradual. Instead of trying to separate them, why not make his friends yours too. When you are nice to them, when you have an issue with him, they will make efforts to bring you guys back together. But if you don’t care about them, they won’t give a damn about you too.

He doesn’t have to be hot

Yes, it is great to have a hot and cute young man for a boyfriend, but do you know that you will be on your toes all through the relationship because ladies won’t stay away from him. You will go through heartache after heartache. And the worst part is that you could still end up losing him to a hotter “chick”. It is okay when your boyfriend is just presentable and not “so hot”. It will save you a lot of heartache as you will face less competition.

Try to like what he likes

Try to enjoy what he likes. Find out what he likes to talk about, find out his hobbies and find out his favorite sports. Align yourself to them. Learn to play or watch his favorite game with him. Watch his favorite movies with him and you will not only be his girlfriend, you will also be his best friend and you know what? You will gradually become virtually indispensable to him.