Party Entertainment in Cleveland, OH

We provide a variety of services and products for party entertainment in Cleveland, OH. From photo booths to board games, we’ll work with you to provide the best type of interactive entertainment for you and your guests.

Photo Booths

We have a variety of photo-type opportunities, from a straight-forward photo booth with room
for several guests and equipped with a variety of interesting and fun props and decor, to an
electronic version of a spray-paint graffiti wall, where we take your individual or group photo, then
let you embellish it with all the graffiti your heart desires, and finally saving a copy of the finished
product for posterity and many great memories.

Or perhaps a social media photo booth where your cool photo can immediately be distributed
wirelessly to all your favorite social media outlets to let all your peeps know what you’re up to and
how much fun you’re having. Photos can be posted online for your guests to retrieve at their

Money Machine

Step into our transparent phonebooth-sized Money Storm chamber filled with flashing lights and
swirling currency (real or imitation). Your task is simple; grab as much of it as you possibly can out
of the air in front of you, and push it through the slot in the front of the chamber while the entire
world looks on. Seems simple enough, right? Wait . . What? Let me try that again . . .


Let us supply you with a complete 9-hole mini-golf layout, complete with all necessary accessories
and some fun props too. This is a professionally-built course that looks polished and finished ins
any location. Accessories such as rubber putters, lots of fun-designed mini-golf balls, and putter
rack are included, as are fun touches such as a ball washer and park bench. Fore!

Ultimate Putting Challenge

Play 18 holes of golf without moving from the same spot! Our Ultimate Putting Challenge has
rollers underneath the putting surface that automatically re-configure the fairway and green
surface after each hole is played, so that every hole is different as you play it again and again. Have
foursome challenges or individual challenges – great for team-building or promotions with minimal
space requirements.

Jeopardy-style Game Board

Design your own game show feature using our 16-space game board. Each box numbered 1-16
opens with a key to reveal the prize inside. Each box comes off the board (held on by magnets),
and each number plaque comes off the box (again, held on by magnets).

First, take all the number plaques off. Then print a description of each prize (text, pictures, etc.)
on a sheet of paper and place the sheet in one of the boxes. Now have someone else randomly
place a number plaque on each box, and put all the boxes back on the board, and you’re set to go.

Now have each winner (how you determine that is up to you) come up and pick a box. Open the
box and they win what’s inside. Leave the empty box on the board, but remove the number plaque
so everyone knows that box is empty. Don’t have 16 prizes? – no problem – inside unused boxes
place a sheet of paper that simply says “Try another Box”.

Use this board as its own game, or as part of another attraction. For example, if you’re holding a
reverse raffle, and you want to give a prize every 25th number out, instead of just giving away a
prize, put all the prizes on the board and let them choose a window. Same end result, just more
fun and suspense getting there.

Live Music

Live music always adds extra excitement and energy to almost any event. PCI Entertainment can
supply you with musical acts of all musical genres, sizes, types, and budgets; from national touring
acts to local bands and artists who we work with regularly to really enhance your special event.

Whether your tastes run to Rock and Pop, Country, Motown, R & B, Blues, Swing, Big Band
Orchestra, or any other musical genre, We can provide high-quality live bands and/or solo artists
to deliver just the right atmosphere for your special event.

We can also supply specialty musical acts as well to fit your unique theme. Examples include a
dueling piano show, Mexican Mariachi band, Steel Drum band, and lots more.

Non-Musical Live Entertainment

How about non-musical live entertainers? We have Face-Painting, Caricature Artists, Magicians of
all types, Comedy Hypnotists, Mentalists, Speed Painting, all the way up to a full Cirque de Soleilstyle