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things to do in Birmingham AL

Being in Alabama means a lot; it’s located in the south and known to be home to palpable energy and where its spirited nature get personalized by cosmopolitan charm. The city is classically southern as it comprises of modern and contemporary structures alongside with series of fun experience you would find difficult to forget too soon. Our company is one of those fascinating fun organizations that expose you to different kinds of things to do in Birmingham AL, You can count on us at Phobia Factory..! 

What are the kinds of games to be expected?

Zombie scavenger games

This game is so much fun as it leads you into the city to gather supplies which include food, weapons, and more to survive throughout this scavenger game. The entire world tends to be in disarray with a larger number of zombies, outnumbering the living with ratio 10 to 1, with small colonies of humans trying to do all in their power for survival.

With the use of a smartphone, you will be tasked to scavenge through the city with your team to get shelter, supplies, food, and weapons. You accumulate more points based on how much things you find, and your chance of survival also depends on it. You’d get to answer trivia questions and take challenges to win weapons to ward off zombies if answered correctly.

Finding all necessary items to survive the zombie apocalypse is the aim of the game, so don’t be relaxed as other colonies will claim your hard-earned stuff.

Self-Guided Birmingham Scavenger Hunt

This fun-filled adventure will allow you to explore the hub of Birmingham, Alabama, and will enable you to see all its newest development, at the same time having fun.

Series of clues will be given for this hunt, and the primary goal is beating the time to finish this hunt as quickly as you could. Getting one clue helps to find the next clue. Make a ticket purchase as long as you’re ready to commence your hunt, get your hunting party set, and move to your starting location.

Participants are not permitted to reserve a set time to commence the scavenger hunt. Immediately after purchase, you’ll need to visit the local supplier website, as they will be your guide through the city on your scheduled hunt day.

Is there any scary game that frightens so much at Phobia Factory?

Face to face with Slag during the furnace tour

One of the things to do in Birmingham AL at Phobia Factory is going on the Furnace Tour with the journey starting through a replica of the Wormwood House; The childhood home of the cruel foreman, Slag Wormwood.

You need to explore this haunting relic with secret passages, twisting passageways, and unlock the dark and disturbing memories that eventually drove Slag to madness.

Get ready also to explore new locations hidden from the public, which includes the horrible Boiler room – which harbors several paranormal encounters – as soon as you survive the ghosts of the past.

Also, you’d be opportune to go through our newly fashioned trail including the underground tunnels, furnace catwalk, and very dark passageways that will eventually split your group into a single file, exposing every individual.

Also visit our new 3D maze, loaded with spinning vortex and killer clowns that so much frighten grown men and make them weep with fear. Meet Slag in his hellhole, hide from insane serial killers, crawl on cockroaches, and try to run away from chainsaw-wielding hillbillies.

Come and experience and confirm why Fright Furnace is one of the most frightening attractions in the world – prepare your mind for Slag’s Revenge terror.

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things to do in Birmingham AL

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