Video Horse Racing in Cleveland, OH

There’s a reason the Kentucky Derby is known as “The most exciting two minutes in sports”. Now you can have your very own “Day at the Derby” right in the middle of your party video horse racing in Cleveland, OH, and watch your guests go wild with excitement!

PCI Entertainment delivers exciting horse racing action for any size guest list. Your guests can Play the Ponies at virtually any venue you choose with our unique “Day at the Derby” video horse racing packages.

What is Video Horse Racing?

PCI Entertainment’s Video Horse Racing events use previously recorded horse races from famous racetracks displayed on a giant screen; your guests place fun-money wagers at our glamorous betting kiosks, cheer their favorite horse to victory, and claim their winnings on the very same types of wagers provided at a live horse race.

Each guest receives a race program for the day with each race listed along with the horses running in that race and their final odds. They pick their favorites, then go up to any of authentic betting kiosks and place their fun-money wagers to win, place, and show (other types of wagers are available as well). When the race is complete, they return to a kiosk to collect winning wagers and place wagers for the next race.

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We supply everything you need

We bring everything you need to hold your own derby day event. Races are supplied on HD Video previously recorded at famous horse tracks, and are delivered to your audience using our own state-of-the-art video system. We provide a giant screen using a high-powered video projector and an awesome sound system that delivers all the sounds and thrills of the real races from the starting trumpets to the thundering hooves as the horses make their way around the track. The sound of the crowd increases from a murmur to a crescendo as the horses battle for first place down the home stretch.

In addition to all the hardware, we also provide very classy oak-and-brass betting kiosks, all of the race tickets and other supplies (race tickets, fun money, etc.), and signage. We also provide a derby Master of Ceremonies with a wireless microphone for your event and a staff of trained race cashiers.

Our races are special.

Our races are all new vintage videos filmed and recorded in HD format. They are then formatted and edited just for us to insure a bright, crisp picture and incredible sound. Each race is called by a professional track announcer, and our special system design prevents guests from looking up previous race results on the internet with their smart phone to determine the winner in advance. We can also play videos, announcements, and even commercials in-between races if desired.

Combine your Day at the Derby event with other entertainment.

While our Day at the Derby parties are most often produced as stand-alone events, they can also be combined as part of a larger event with other entertainment features, or incorporated into a casino party to add an even greater level of variety, fun, and excitement to your exceptional event. Our party planners will be happy to discuss those possibilities with you.

Can we use these events as a fund-raiser?

In addition to our entertainment-type Day at the Derby party, we have an additional format which you can use for fund-raising for your IRS 501(c)(3) charity. The formats of the two programs are significantly different, but yes, we can provide you the materials and instructions to produce your own video horse race fundraiser. Our party planners can provide you with more information on this option.

Its Post Time at PCI Entertainment!

Let PCI Entertainment bring the excitement and energy of thoroughbred horse racing to direct to your next party, and watch your guests’ eyes light up and feel the adrenaline start to flow when you first hear those famous words “And they’re off!”