Work Party Casino Cleveland

Work Party Casino Cleveland

Location: Cleveland

As a proud Cleveland-based company, PCI Entertainment is excited to bring the thrill of a casino night directly to your next work party in this vibrant city. With our deep roots in Cleveland, OH, we ensure that each event captures the essence of our lively city, making your casino-themed work party unforgettable.

Event Type: Work Party

A work party is a fantastic opportunity to bond with colleagues outside the regular office environment. Adding a casino theme to the mix elevates the experience, making it not just another gathering but a memorable event that employees talk about for years to come.

Theme: Casino

Our specialty lies in creating an authentic casino atmosphere, complete with high-quality gaming tables, professional croupiers, and a variety of popular casino games. This fun-filled setting is perfect for team building and adds an exciting twist to the usual work party.

Entertainment Options

  • Texas Hold-em tournament
  • Slot-machine tournament
  • Keno game with prizes

Catering Options

We partner with top caterers in Cleveland to provide a wide range of dining options that can be tailored to suit any taste or dietary requirement, ensuring that your guests are well-fed and ready to enjoy the casino experience.

Venue Options

Whether you’re looking for an elegant ballroom, a spacious conference center, or a unique outdoor setting, we have connections with various venues across Cleveland that can accommodate your work party casino night.


From blackjack to roulette, our casino parties feature all the classic games your guests expect, along with professional dealers to guide novices and entertain seasoned players alike.


We’ll transform your chosen venue into a Las Vegas-style casino, complete with red carpets, thematic backdrops, and elegant table settings to immerse your guests in the casino experience.

Dress Code

To add to the authenticity of your casino-themed work party, we recommend a semi-formal dress code. This encourages guests to dress up, making the event even more special and enjoyable.

Timing and Schedule

Our team will work with you to develop a schedule that includes time for games, dining, and any special presentations or awards, ensuring a well-paced evening that keeps everyone engaged.

RSVP Details

We provide customizable RSVP solutions to make it easy for your guests to confirm their attendance, helping you manage your guest list efficiently and effectively.

Transportation Options

To ensure everyone arrives safely and on time, we can arrange for transportation options, including shuttle services from key locations in Cleveland to your chosen venue.

Accommodation Options

For guests traveling from out of town, we offer a selection of hotel partnerships that provide comfortable and convenient lodging at a range of price points.

Budget Considerations

We understand the importance of staying within budget. Our team will work with you to create a memorable event that meets your financial requirements, ensuring a fantastic experience without breaking the bank.

Event Planning Checklist

  • Define your budget and guest list
  • Choose a venue and secure a date
  • Select catering and entertainment options
  • Plan the decoration and dress code
  • Organize transportation and accommodation if needed
  • Send out invitations and manage RSVPs
  • Coordinate with vendors and venue for setup

At PCI Entertainment, we take pride in our ability to provide a full-service solution for your casino-themed work party in Cleveland, OH. Our expertise in planning and executing high-quality, interactive events ensures that your work party will be an affair to remember. Ready to roll the dice on a night of fun and excitement? Contact us today to start planning your event!

Work Party Casino Cleveland

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