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If you like to listen to christian music but are tired of the same old songs being played on the radio day after day, we invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know Lguapogreengo. As a Christian music writer and performer, Lguapogreengo’s sound is unlike anything you may have heard in the past- and is one that will rock you to the core as you listen to the God-inspired lyrics and feel the rhythm of the music start to move you.

Do you listen to Christian music that is played by musicians who are playing to the crowd, or do you prefer to listen to music that is played by a musician who is living heart and soul for the Lord? LGuapogreengo’s music reflects his desire to reach others with the good news of the Gospel. The classical technique and flamenco patterns are indicative of the style you’ll hear, but with a new twist that will quickly demonstrate that you’ve found something rare in the music industry.

Add a few of Lguapogreengo’s tracks to your personal music library or just listen to samples to find something that strikes a chord within you by clicking on the ‘Purchase Music’ link at the top of the home page. You’ll find 158 results for Lguapogreengo on the CD Baby website, all of which are available for you to buy or to click on to listen to a sample of the song. You’ll find Pimped by the Devil to be hugely inspiring, a song that may just be what it takes to bring you out of the darkness, or guide a loved one to the light.

Child of the King is an interesting cross between Punk, Rock & Roll and Worship music, its lyrics able to penetrate to your very core and leave you feeling as though you’ve been turned inside out and left hung up in the bright light of day. Lguapogreengo’s haunting voice will stay with you for weeks following your visit to his website.

When you listen to Lguapogreengo’s music, you’ll quickly notice an underlying tone of family and forgiveness throughout the delivery of many of his songs. It is his prayer that all those who listen to his music will be inspired as Christians to live in such a way that is worthy of their calling, or as non-believers, to think more about moral absolutes and about what’s truly important in this life. Embark upon a journey to the soul through the lyrics and music Lguapogreengo offers.

You can book Lguapogreengo for your upcoming event by filling out the contact form located on his website or by sending an email to If you and your guests love to listen to Christian music and are searching for something altogether different from what you’re used to hearing, Lguapogreengo can deliver an experience that will leave you soulfully satisfied. Feel free to enjoy the online videos on

Youtube Christian Music Videos